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­­­For over 40 years, Dumond, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of professional and user-friendly surface preparations and cleaning products. Our product line includes powerful paint, varnish, and stain removers, lead encapsulants, graffiti removers for virtually every surface, and cleaning products for masonry, metal, and all the surfaces in between. Dumond products are used in the home, at the office, on the job site, in the auto garage, and even at the marina. No project is too big or small.

Our products have been used on iconic locations around the world like:

The Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, the famous Hollywood Sign in California, at the Grand Canyon, by the New York City Housing Authority, the NYC Transit Authority, on the Montauk Light House, at the White House and the United States Capitol, the Empire State Building, on the Statue of Liberty, on Boston’s Mass Transit, at the Louvre Museum, the Alamo Dome, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge!

In 1981, Dumond, Inc. revolutionized the paint and coatings removal industry by engineering Peel Away®, a quality product built on the principles of providing a powerfully effective formula that was heavy duty, yet user-friendly. Even after 40 years, Peel Away® 1 is still a leading paint stripper for historic restoration and lead abatement projects.

Through the years, Dumond, Inc. continued to engineer and manufacture new, safer products designed to enhance the user experience. In the early 2000's, Dumond unveiled its Smart Strip® and Smart Strip® PRO paint removal products, which continued to serve professionals while opening the door to Do It Yourself users with safer and more effective alternatives than ever before!

With the addition of the Smart 'n Easy™ paint removers and surface cleaners, the Watch Dog® line of graffiti removal products, and Lead Stop® lead encapsulation products, Dumond remains at the forefront of making quality, highly effective water-based products. We’ve even introduced a new line of Smart Strip® Auto care products including auto paint removers, oil and grease cleaners, rust removers, and adhesive removers, as well as a new line of Smart Strip® Marine paint removers for boats of all sizes.

Dumond, Inc. remains dedicated to innovation, continuing to develop high-quality, effective products for Do-It-Yourself end-users all the way to seasoned professionals. That’s why you’ll hear us say, “Do it yourself, with Dumond!”



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